Dorm & Kitchen

The Dorm boasts a full commercial kitchen, perfect to feed the whole family. A spacious upstairs loft with open sleeping area provides plenty of space to relax. The back porch is a great spot to soak in the outdoors!

  • Upstairs Loft (Sleeps 10)
  • Full Bath

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During Your Stay:

Our family works very hard to keep the HD River Retreat clean and beautiful, so we ask that our guests respect our property. Please be sure that all guests review the following rules prior to your stay.

NO smoking inside any building.

Leave No Trace – which includes gates, lodges, grounds and river bank. Pick up trash in and around the buildings, on roads and river bank. This includes water bottles, aluminum drink cans, cigarette butts, plastic shopping bags, cups etc. When ingested by cattle or horses, these can be deadly. If you have loose trash in the bed of your truck, make sure it is weighed down and not flying out on our property.

Please help us conserve electricity: When you leave for the day or go to bed at night, please turn off lights inside and outside.

Sheds and tools are “off limits” to all guests.

Let us know if something is not working properly or needs repair.

Large trash barrels are provided outside the buildings at the river.

If you use the washing machine in the Dorm, always choose “Deep Rinse”.



No outside furniture inside – No inside furniture outside

Before Departure from HD River Retreat:

Before your departure, please gather all the trash from your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and put it in the large trash can outside the building. Leave your bed unmade and put your towels in the laundry basket in your room. Please help us conserve electricity: When you leave, please turn off lights inside and outside.